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Sarah-Jayne Shine truly does “shine”! Her creative flare coupled with a desire to work with and for the customer produces outstanding results that enhances customer engagement and perception. Sarah-Jayne through clarity of strategy developed and delivered on an outstanding communications and brand strategy that brought to life our ideas and vision.

Monique Davidson,
Group Manager Customer & Community Services


Lemonface design were an incredible organisation to deal with. Responsive, articulate, organised. Rearrangements and quick changes were never a problem at all, also, wonderfully fantastic with the advice and ongoing support, especially of my outcomes, through social media and signage from small residential signs to very large billboards which were balanced and effective, dare I say quite stunning! Cannot wait to utilise their expertise and work with them again in the future.

Councillor Victoria Kaye-Simmons
Horowhenua District Council

Liminal Nails

Sarah-Jayne was so professional and has so much talent. She was able to take my ideas and random images, turning them into a clear vision for my business. Her ideas and suggestions were incredibly helpful and I loved working with her.

Elizabeth Goodman
Liminal Nails

Shepherdess Magazine

Sarah Jayne is creative, clever, dynamic, and a storyteller. She is exactly the sort of person you want to have on your team when working on a project that uses visual communication to tell a story. it is wonderful to work with someone who is equally as excited on a project as you! It feels like a true collaboration.

Kristy McGregor
Editor, Shepherdess Magazine

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Case Studies

If you want to get a sneak peek into how we work, read one of our case studies, they showcase our work from 'go to whoa!' and explore projects in more depth.


You’re not working from home, you’re at your home during a crisis trying to work.

Read that again. Slowly. And read it again.

We work with a variety of clients who work in a variety of industries who have all had to adapt to these changing, unknown times. The one common denominator for them all is that for a period of time they have had to work from home. Some have loved it, others not so much. We saw a post (actually we’ve seen lots of posts) on the subject. This one in particular struck a chord with us.

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Deadlines - they're a real thing. Discuss.

Dealing with deadlines can fraught. Nobody likes to miss a deadline.

Deadlines are part and parcel in the life of a graphic designer. The materials we produce are often used to launch a brand, support a brand, enhance a brand. And these are usually (nearly always) date specific.

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Behind the scenes – a typical day in the very untypical life of a graphic designer – ME!

So, I often get asked – ‘OMG your job sounds amazing’ But what do you all day? Well, let me try and tell you.

First up, and this is very important -  it’s not all glamour. OK kids? It’s not. Sorry.

I’m a mum to two boys, two dogs and a bearded dragon and they all need feeding.

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