Case Study - Victoria Kaye-Simmons


We were commissioned by Victoria to design and produce a suite of collateral in support of her campaign to be elected as Mayor for Horowhenua and a place on the Levin Ward. Prior to this election Victoria had been a district councillor in the region for 9 years and she decided that 2019 was the right time to go for the ‘big’ job. A bubbly, outgoing personality combined with her strong community focus meant Victoria was seen as relatable and trustworthy. Victoria is said to have roots like a Pohutukawa tree in the community and is connected to a number of community groups. Her voice helps  gives the community a voice. She’s a small business owner, on a number of boards, the deputy chair of keep New Zealand beautiful and has a focus on environmental issues and community wellbeing. AND what we liked most of all is that she’s a down to earth, all round good person.


To design and create a suite of collateral that would entice and engage the community. That would tell her story as a person and as a Mayoral candidate. Primarily we needed to ensure her social media presence during the campaign was bold, visible, transparent, cohesive and above all consistent. Marketing material that included hoardings for the district, posters, flyers etc would be used to support the digital campaign.



Pixels on a screen, ink on paper, and a little bit of event management that included:

  • Social media graphics – infographics, bold video graphics
  • Large billboards and smaller hoardings placed in visible areas throughout the district
  • Posters with ‘take a number’ tabs, posters, flyers button badges
  • Website refresh and tidy up
  • Launch night
  • Pull up banner and stickers
  • Newspaper advertising


As with any election campaign we had to help coordinate the Victoria’s campaign so she had total:

  • Visibility – which she did this in person, with the aid of strategic placements of signage, and supported by volunteers handing out the marketing materials we produced
  • Reach – Victoria needed a big presence to ensure maximum voter reach. Social media was the main driver backed up by infographics that showed where she was every week, and advised of her availability etc. A monthly diary download proved to be the vital tool so her campaign movements were always known.
  • Information – or more pertinently keeping pace with misinformation and in doing so educating voters on the election process.


A suite of collateral that was cohesive, consistent, bold and vibrant, in both print and digital formats.

An honest campaign enhanced by complementary materials. The photography produced by her husband (photographer Nick Simmons) showed Victoria in her natural element (environmental background), as a professional, boss woman with a warm smile, totally relatable, and overwhelmingly friendly. With such an image and a persona to work with it made our job so much easier.

We selected teals to be the tone of colour used in her campaign, to balance her focus and professionalism and also ensure there was no obvious affiliation with any political party. The infographics we produced told her campaign story easily and succinctly. Potential voters knew with just a glance on her social media where she was at any given week. The posts we uploaded used emjois to showcase what she does within a month ensuring and reinforcing her accountability and commitment to the community. The flyers, hoardings and supporting marketing material was simple, friendly and at all times professional and fit for purpose.

Victoria ended up as the highest polling candidate in her ward. She didn’t get top job but came a fabulous second and undoubtedly had the best campaign and reach of all candidates. Notably Victoria was the only candidate to go for mayor and a ward seat. This showed the community that it didn’t matter what seat she had at the table, she was there for the community no matter what. Oh, and she had Over 2,500 (organic) followers over the 3 month election period, August to October – more than any other candidate.

We so enjoyed being a part of this campaign.



We received some fabulous feedback for our campaign. Notably The Spin Off commended her overall campaign and our marketing:

‘In all seriousness, this effort for Victoria Kaye-Simmons in Horowhenua is about as good as an example as you’d hope to see of how to do it right….the vibe is smart and capable, but still with character and personality.’

 Toby Morris
The Spin Off

We also received some very warm comments on social media:

  • ‘fabulously different’
  • ‘Love seeing your face all over town’
  • ‘you stayed authentic and yourself through this journey’
  • ‘congratulations on an amazing, vibrant and fresh campaign’
  • ‘congrats on an amazing campaign, an inspirational role model for women’



"Lemonface Design were an incredible organisation to deal with. Responsive, articulate, organised. Rearrangements and quick changes were never a problem at all, also, wonderfully fantastic with the advice and ongoing support, especially of my outcomes, through social media and signage from small residential signs to oversized billboards which were balanced and effective, dare I say quite stunning! I cannot wait to utilise their expertise and work with them again in the future."

 Victoria Kaye-Simmons
Councillor, Horowhenua District Council