No Shame No Silence is an art exhibition that focuses on shining a light, cultivating conversation and creating change in the realm of New Zealand's family violence and family court issues.

Lemonface Design along with a group of passionate individuals with a diverse skill set made this art exhibition a reality in Foxton in November 2018. The work recieved great publicity in print and TV. Lemonface Design created the 'grief in two parts' emblem for No Shame No Silence which talks about how grief envelopes a person when they have been through the trauma of intimate partner violence, abuse or through the family court system as a victim of violence. The outer kawakawa leaf is a symbol of grief, the inner kawakawa is a symbol of hope and healing. Bug enjoy the the kawakawa leaves that have the strongest medicinal healing properties, and so the bug eaten leaf in the centre is the perfect imperfect symbol for healing trauma.

The 6 week long exhibition finished with a trip to Parliament to deliver an artwork 'Untitled Woman and her Children' and a petition from members of the Backbone Collective asking for a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Family Court system. The exhibition raised over $5,000 for the Backbone Collective and Women's Refuge.

Lemonface Design also put original artwork into this exhibition. You can find out more at