Horowhenua District Council - Brand Refresh

Sometimes a brief comes along that is both exciting and daunting at the same time. This was THAT brief. We were asked to breathe new life into a massive brand and freshen things up. The mission was to take the existing perfectly acceptable brand to a new level. An exceptional level. By using the logos as they were and digitising portions of a fantastic set of locally produced illustrations by the very gifted Wendy Hodder that would be used across all Council brands and sub brands to create a consistent look and feel across all Council and Partnership material. A modern way to relate to people, engage people and ease connections between the council and the public by producing a toolkit that reflects the Council values. A toolkit that had a colour palette + visual elements + typography + photography to create an adaptable arsenal much like a ‘capsule’ wardrobe. A few basic essentials that when combined give you many outfits that never actually look the same! BUT with a good portion of common sense thrown in too. Appropriate context would be maintained at all times. Naturally! Bold colours, shapes were all used consistently – forms + gradient/solid background made the brand look cohesive whilst each piece stood out on its own too. Used widely with hero style photography that created an adaptable toolkit that can continue to evolve over time with no need to rebrand in 3 years time, because each item produced looked sufficiently different yet happily part of a cleverly designed design family. Not a cookie cutter family but a slick, stylish gorgeous looking family. We mixed it up. We picked n’ mixed! Giving people a choice – starting with employees but we also ensured we had enough in the toolkit to provide the community with design choices that could get the look and feel ‘out there.’ By mixing up and giving staff choices, not restricted to a particular colour for each team. Each member of staff was encouraged to have a say in the colours used, for example the colour of their business card backs – we felt this was important for staff to have this involvement, bearing in mind that the best ambassadors to back a brand are of course the staff! On launch day we produced a veritable kaleidoscope of coloured items all excitedly carried round by smiling staff in branded tote bags. Shiny happy people. Job done!