Honey Bliss

Our fabulous client Honeybliss - Natural skincare, healing balms and massage had an existing look and feel in place before we came on board.

They were a small but growing enterprise that had a brand in need of a fundamental strip back to let it’s wholesome and natural ethos shine through. We used the exisiting colour palette and gave the product plenty of fresh air and clean space to pop out. We ensured the ‘waggle dance’ symbol - that reflects the pattern and path of the bee in flight before landing on a flower was used playfully and prominently. The Honeybliss ‘Hand made in NZ’ badge was used align the brand to a corporate level whilst keeping its spirit in place. By simplifying what works and pulling together elements in a more cohesive way, the updated business cards, posters and website are bolder, brighter and more attention grabbing than ever. With plenty more to come!