Mary Kater, Maurice Trapp Group Ltd

I first met Sarah-Jayne when she visited a Networking meeting and I was immediately impressed by her enthusiasm and passion for what she does.  I arranged to meet with her to get to know more.
We’d been looking at our Maurice Trapp Group website and knew it wasn’t up to date, had a got a bit stagnant and overall it needed a refresh.  We wanted it to be far more personable and to be able to grab our audience. I spoke to Sarah-Jayne and asked her to have a look at it as well as other websites in the industry especially those more successful ones.  We wanted ours to be outstanding and she came up with an amazing result.

It was so easy working with Sarah-Jayne, her professionalism was excellent and we know we’re experts at insurance so it was fantastic leaving the new website up to the experts too.  Of course the graphics is the first impression and she was completely on the button with what we asked for. She had a really good grip on everything and communications were excellent. 

We’re extremely proud and satisfied with the overall result.  We love the visuals and if someone was searching for an insurance company online,  the look and feel of the website certainly shows we have a handle on the job which is exactly what we wanted.  Subsequently we have engaged Sarah-Jayne’s services again.