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So we decided to create a book. A beautiful book.

A book that looks beautiful on the eye, feels beautiful in the hand, and is a joy to use. Form and function people. Form and function. ‘Noted’ is the end result. A multi purpose 152pp A5 note book designed with the small business entrepreneur and frantically busy Project Manager in mind. The book allows you to help track your business and record your day to day activities.

Perfect for project briefings, client meetings, site visits, conference calls etc. to record time spent on each project, or time spent with each client. With a facing page for all your doodles, musings and notes. Each book allows for 3 months of business recording, and once your book is full of all your achievements, then simply order your next one at a reduced rate.

We are delighted with the end result. We love print and we love creating work that looks and feels as good as the content that lies within. The copper foil pops out of the matt black covers and the books are closed with a colour matched dyed elastic. This is a premium book at a non-premium price. We created Noted to fill a gap in the market. There are lots of expensive inferior alternatives on store shelves which just don’t cut the mustard for us. We hope you’ll agree. This is the first item that will feature in our Lemonface Design shop currently in development. Watch this space for our next offerings!

Noted books are priced at $24.95ea + shipping. Additional or re-ordered books are keenly priced at $19.95ea + shipping.

To order your copy of Noted, please drop an email to

Get Noted!

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