Lietta Erni - Gernius

Thank you for helping my business create extraordinary results!

Wow, what can I say about Sarah-Jayne and her amazing services. Of course, she’s a very talented graphic designer but when it comes to being efficient and exceeding expectations, Sarah-Jayne ticks all the boxes.

I had already worked with Sarah-Jayne on a previous project and that was putting together my priceless wedding album for family members. No easy task as you can imagine but she got it right first time. Once again, that takes real talent.

When I wanted to rebrand my business of course Sarah-Jayne was the first person I thought of for the job. She asks all the right questions, she has the most incredible ideas and the results have been well; extraordinary.

She managed to create a fresh, unique look to capture the business foundation and transform it completely. As my list grows Sarah-Jayne is my go-to person who is working with me continuously on new and exciting services and products. 
You can’t imagine how easier my life has become having Sarah-Jayne on my marketing and design team.

The rebranding process and growing the business with new material is so much fun and everyone at Gernius and our clients are excited to see what is going to come next.

Thank you very much Sarah-Jayne and Lemonface Design. We’re all about helping each other succeed and be bold in business and our beautiful brand now represents us perfectly.

Identity, Print & Digital