The Chemo Crazies

We were delighted to see Kieran Read sporting a T shirt recently that featured one of our designs, not least because it gave great exposure to an organisation called the Chemo Crazies to whom Lemonface Design have provided their design services to free of charge.The Chemo Crazies were formed in May 2015 when Jayden (J-Dog) Morris aged 10 and Grant (G Man) Gerken aged 48 were both undergoing treatment for incurable cancers in Christchurch.

Gernius - Replacing busy with extraordinary

Some people are meant to work together. Some people ‘get’ each other. We ‘get’ Gernius and they ‘get’ us. We work together a lot. In fact we recently commissioned the very talented Nikki South to photograph what we have designed and produced over the last year or so and we couldn’t quite believe just how much we and our fabulous client have achieved together. And Lietta (the brains and smiles behind Genius) tells us that this is only the beginning! Haha, we like being it for the long run so that’s fine with us.


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