Gernius - Replacing busy with extraordinary

Some people are meant to work together. Some people ‘get’ each other. We ‘get’ Gernius and they ‘get’ us. We work together a lot. In fact we recently commissioned the very talented Nikki South to photograph what we have designed and produced over the last year or so and we couldn’t quite believe just how much we and our fabulous client have achieved together. And Lietta (the brains and smiles behind Genius) tells us that this is only the beginning! Haha, we like being it for the long run so that’s fine with us.

A magical day out at Gibbs Farm

Gibbs Farm, is an open-air sculpture park located in Kaipara Harbour and It contains the largest collection of large-scale outdoor sculptures in New Zealand. It is the private art collection of New Zealand businessman Alan Gibbs however, it is open to the public on select dates but much like gaining access Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory it ‘aint easy to get in! But after trying (and failing) to get tickets many times over the years, this time my numbers came in and the lottery was well and truly won on a beautiful Autumnal New Zealand day. I was in! Through the gates!


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