Why you need US in YOUR corner

First impressions really do matter, especially when it comes to us parting with our money.

Graphic design is more than just creating a sharp logo and an attractive colour scheme. Clever graphic design and branding represents the quality of your products and services, how you interact with your customers and the impression you leave in your customer’s mind.

These are peculiar times. Many things are uncertain. Sure. ‘The sky is falling’ apparently.

The New Normal

On our Social media channels today we put up a post. A simple post. A hopeful post. A defiant post. The post had only 3 words but it felt good writing them down, converting it into a .png and putting it online. Almost immediately the ‘likes’ and thumbs up rolled in. It seems that our followers agreed with our simple sentiment. It felt good. What did we say? We simply said; This will pass.

And it will pass. Won’t it?


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